October 2017


Deadline: 31 December 2017. Swiss TPH, a world-leading institution in health research, training and services, is accepting applications for the 25th “Health Care and Management: From Research to Implementation” course which starts in March 2018.The 14-week (5 March to 8 June, 2017), full-time course introduces students to a range of skills and knowledge needed to work as a public or international health professional in resource-constrained settings, with a special focus on supporting implementation.Students of the course benefit from the expertise and experience shared by facilitators, who are active in the field. Topics range from concepts and research methods to health problems and responses and health systems, management and communication.It is a mandatory core course for the tropEd accredited MAS in International Health. The course is accredited by University of Basel (Diploma of Advanced Studies; DAS). Self-paying students are welcome to apply for

A study by a CARTA fellow has been quoted in a BBC news article that discusses how the empowerment of women, linked to their education, has accrued benefits not only to themselves but also to the lives of their children.Sulaimon Adedokun, CARTA cohort 1 fellow’s study titled “Incomplete Childhood Immunization in Nigeria: A Multilevel Analysis of Individual and Contextual Factors” was published on 9 October in the British news outlet. The quoted study was published on 8 March this year in the BMC Public Health.The article made reference to the fellow’s analysis of immunization in Nigeria that found out that only 6% of children of illiterate mothers received all the vaccinations compared with 24% of children in the whole population.“I am indeed grateful to CARTA for the support it has given me while I was writing the paper. The paper

Deadline: RollingThe West African Centre for Cell Biology of Infectious Pathogens (WACCBIP) at the University of Ghana will hold the 2nd in the series of the Bioethics workshops on responsible research conduct designed for postdoctoral fellows and institutional Institutional Review Board (IRB) coordinators. This year’s workshop will be held at the MRTC, University of Sciences, Techniques and Technologies, Bamako, Mali from 27 November to 01 December , 2017.The workshop is open to DELTAS fellows and IRB coordinators from institutions hosting DELTAS programmes. For more information, please email: waccbipleader@ug.edu.ghThe workshop will be facilitated by Prof. Mahamadou Diakite, Professor of Immunogenetics at the University of Sciences, Techniques and Technologies of Bamako, Mali, Dr. Paulina Tindana, a Bioethicist from the Navrongo Health Research Centre (NHRC), and Dr. Angeliki Kerasidou, a researcher in Global Health Ethics and the Ethics Coordinator for the Malaria Genomics Epidemiology Network (MalariaGEN) at

The World Mental Health Day is marked annually on 10 October as the day to increase awareness, education and advocacy on mental illness. It is a day of solidarity and support for individuals living with mental illness. This year’s theme, “mental health in the workplace,” speaks to the need to promote well-being in work settings. CARTA cohort 4 fellow Boladale Mapayi discusses how sexism in the workplace is linked to depression, psychological distress and anxiety symptoms in women.  “That female boss is so mean” quipped one of my male colleagues, “I wonder how her husband copes with her at home”.“What happened” I asked the colleague, cringing within me as I was almost certain I would hear the repertoire of sexist rhetoric that besiege female leaders. Sure enough, the response was that she was too stern, “she behaves like a man” he

CARTA cohort 4 fellow, Boladale Mapayi will participate in the WPA XVII World Congress of Psychiatry in Berlin, Germany from 8-12 October 2017.Dr Mapayi will make a 15-minutes oral presentation on 10 October 2017 on a paper entitled: “Personality factors associated with contraceptive behaviour among women attending the psychiatric clinic of a Nigerian Teaching Hospital.”The 17th World Psychiatric Association (WPA) conference will gather together experts to share academic and clinical developments and research around mental health and to build on social interactions and to support each other.On the following day, 11 October, she will chair a 45-minutes long symposium titled “Let’s talk about sex: violence, culture and politics of sex in Nigeria using the Chibok example.” The symposium will seek to shed light on the politics surrounding early marriage, same sex relationships and violence against women; the culture of silence

[caption id="attachment_5949" align="alignright" width="198"] CARTA cohort 7 fellow Eniola Olubukola Cadmus[/caption]The International day of older persons was celebrated on 1 October and the theme this year was "Stepping into the Future: Tapping the talents, contributions and participation of older persons in society.” CARTA cohort 7 fellow Eniola Olubukola Cadmus research focuses on the care of older persons. She has also has been ruminating on a research idea to quantify contributions of older persons in the family and society. The importance of this, she adds, stems from the fact that the government in many low and middle income countries do not prioritize provisions for older persons because they are considered a burden. She sheds more light on this issue.Population ageing has been occurring at an exceptional rate in many countries globally.[1] Initially, the phenomenon was reported to occur mostly in high income countries,

Deadline: 13 October 2017PRICELESS in the Wits School of Public Health (SPH) is organizing a series of short courses in Vaccine Economics and Financing. This course aims to build technical capacity of policy makers in low and middle income countries in vaccine economics and sensitize health policy makers to the use of economic tools in decision-making.Care planners and decision-makers from the health ministries, as well as technical experts and all those interested in understanding the application of economic evaluation in allocating resources within immunization and health care programs are invited to attend this course.The course will run from the 11 to 13 November 2017 at SPH. A limited number of grants, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, are available to cover attendance fees, flights and accommodation of participants from countries within the southern African region. These grants are targeted