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Ms. Murererehe is a lecturer and Dental clinic coordinator at University of Rwanda/ College of Medicine and Health Sciences/ School of Dentistry. Her research interest is to determine the underlying mechanism on how oral diseases influence the progression of systemic diseases and vice versa. Her research concerns determining approaches to promote good oral health to improve the quality of life among people living with systemic diseases.

Regarding her career development, Ms. Murererehe has done an advanced diploma in dentistry; she has also a bachelor degree (Hons) in dental therapy at the University of Rwanda (former Kigali Health Institute). Julienne did her Master’s degree in health informatics at the University of Rwanda School of Public Health. She further undertook advanced dental training at Yedam Hospital in South Korea. Ms. Murererehe has also done short-term research training on skills and best practices for Grant and Proposal Writing, writing for publication and research training on HIV and ART-associated Cardiometabolic Diseases, Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Julienne worked at University of Rwanda School of dentistry for 8 years as a clinical instructor (1 year), dental therapist in University dental clinic (2 years), tutorial assistant (3 years), assistant lecturer (2 years) and now she works as lecturer in both school of dentistry and school of public health.

Ms. Murererehe is also eager to develop herself as a multidisciplinary African researcher, who is able to perform meaningful public health-related research works that hopefully will lead to the improvement of the quality of health of Rwandan people and beyond. As junior researcher committed to research activities, she has so far contributed to 3 publications in peer-reviewed journals.