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Atupele Mulaga’s expertise is in Applied Statistics .She is currently a lecturer in Statistics at the University of Malawi, has over 5 years’ experience of teaching statistics, statistical software packages, and is an experienced data analyst.
Atupele Mulaga graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Statistics and Demography) and Master of Statistics (economics) from the University of Malawi and Zhongnan University of Economics and Law respectively. She teaches Statistics to students in Environmental health, Environmental science and technology, Mathematical sciences and Commerce programs. She joined the University of Malawi in 2006 as staff associate lecturer, before joining the University of Malawi she worked with the Millennium Consulting group as a research supervisor and the Electricity Supply Commission of Malawi as a Market research officer.
What drives her passion for teaching and research is her desire to share the knowledge she has acquired over the years and to generate new evidence from research that can bring major policy changes.
Her interest is in statistical methods for health expenditure data and analyzing health care expenditure data. As such, she is trying to narrow her application of statistics to health economics. She is currently working on spatial analysis and modelling of out-of-pocket health care expenditures.