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Boladale Mapayi to speak at psychiatry conference in Berlin

CARTA cohort 4 fellow, Boladale Mapayi will participate in the WPA XVII World Congress of Psychiatry in Berlin, Germany from 8-12 October 2017.

Dr Mapayi will make a 15-minutes oral presentation on 10 October 2017 on a paper entitled: “Personality factors associated with contraceptive behaviour among women attending the psychiatric clinic of a Nigerian Teaching Hospital.

The 17th World Psychiatric Association (WPA) conference will gather together experts to share academic and clinical developments and research around mental health and to build on social interactions and to support each other.

On the following day, 11 October, she will chair a 45-minutes long symposium titled “Let’s talk about sex: violence, culture and politics of sex in Nigeria using the Chibok example.” The symposium will seek to shed light on the politics surrounding early marriage, same sex relationships and violence against women; the culture of silence around intimate partner violence and the implications of this on the health and wellbeing of young people in Nigeria.

“The symposium will critically expound on the plight of Nigerian women, young and old, in rural and urban regions who have experienced sexual violence, whether as a result of conflict or as a result of the confines of the laws of the land or even in the professional sphere,” said the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Clinical Sciences at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria.

During that symposium, she will give another oral presentation titled: “Sex in the dark: the politics and culture of sex for young people in Nigeria”. The discussion will unpack the culture of silence in sexual violence, the restrictive laws as it pertains to the choice of a sexual partner and the use of sex as a discriminatory tool in the professional sphere creating an atmosphere of fear, oppression and hopelessness.

The five-day congress will also showcase how several countries across the globe provide innovative services around mental health in spite of limited resources. More importantly, how other countries can learn from each other by sharing experiences and lessons.

Dr Mapayi said the discussion is important for Nigeria as patriarchy rules and the burden of injury lies with the females. This will be the fourth annual WPA conference that she has attended. The others were in Buenos Aires (2011), Prague (2012), and Vienna (2013).

Written by Eunice Kilonzo, CARTA Communications Officer.



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