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BRAVO: CARTA Fellow appointed Sub-Dean at University of Ibadan

Oluwaseun O. Akinyemi in a recent photo. PHOTO CREDIT/COURTESY

CARTA Cohort Four Fellow Oluwaseun O. Akinyemi has been appointed the Sub-Dean (postgraduate) of the Faculty of Public Health (FPH), University of Ibadan. This takes effect from August 1, 2018.

“I’d like to thank CARTA for all the investment made in getting us ready for responsibilities like this,” he said shortly after sharing the great news.

As Sub-Dean, he will chair the faculty’s Postgraduate Committee where issues of abstracts, certifications, examiners’ reports and results for Masters and PhD programs are considered, and approved, before being forwarded to the Postgraduate (PG) School. He will also assist the Dean in the administration of the faculty especially with regard to postgraduate students welfare.
Q: Was there an election for the role or you were appointed?
A: I was the sole nominee for the position, so there was no election but there was ratification at the faculty board meeting.
Q: What other leadership roles have you held at the University of Ibadan?
A: I was appointed as a lecturer at the University of Ibadan 2nd January 2013. Since then I have been departmental Coordinator of postgraduate programmes (2013 – 2018), assistant coordinator of residency training programmes (2013 – 2017), Member, FPH Finance Committee (2015)
Q: In which specific areas (three) do you believe CARTA has invested in you to make you ready to take up this new role?
A: (i) CARTA’s Joint Advanced Seminars (JASes) went a long way in building my capacity, a great deal, for a rigorous academic position as this. (ii) In addition, the rigour of the PhD programme itself as well as the accountability demanded by CARTA prepared me, I believe, for this demanding position. (iii) What is more, the opportunities provided by CARTA through the Joint Advanced Seminars (JASes), international conferences and collaborations have honed my people skills and improved my emotional intelligence.

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