carta programsCARTA has developed programs to recruit, train and retain a critical mass of African researchers with complementary research skills to work in multidisciplinary research environments, understand the determinants of health in Africa, and develop cost effective interventions to improve health systems and outcomes.

The three programs are:

1) Doctoral training

This program focuses on reforming higher education in Africa by helping universities develop exciting environments for academic and research pursuits and supporting promising African scholars at affiliated universities to obtain high-quality doctoral training in public and population health-related fields.

2) Institutionalization of CARTA

CARTA strengthens the human resources and university-wide systems resources critical to the success and sustainability of its programs at affiliated universities through workshops for librarians, graduate program coordinators (including deans), bursars, and registrars.

3) Securing the future of CARTA graduates

Graduates need opportunities to further their training, and to network and collaborate with peers. CARTA offers a variety of high quality post-doctoral opportunities.