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A study by a CARTA fellow has been quoted in a BBC news article that discusses how the empowerment of women, linked to their education, has accrued benefits not only to themselves but also to the lives of their children.Sulaimon Adedokun, CARTA cohort 1 fellow’s study titled “Incomplete Childhood Immunization in Nigeria: A Multilevel Analysis of Individual and Contextual Factors” was published on 9 October in the British news outlet. The quoted study was published on 8 March this year in the BMC Public Health.The article made reference to the fellow’s analysis of immunization in Nigeria that found out that only 6% of children of illiterate mothers received all the vaccinations compared with 24% of children in the whole population.“I am indeed grateful to CARTA for the support it has given me while I was writing the paper. The paper

The World Mental Health Day is marked annually on 10 October as the day to increase awareness, education and advocacy on mental illness. It is a day of solidarity and support for individuals living with mental illness. This year’s theme, “mental health in the workplace,” speaks to the need to promote well-being in work settings. CARTA cohort 4 fellow Boladale Mapayi discusses how sexism in the workplace is linked to depression, psychological distress and anxiety symptoms in women.  “That female boss is so mean” quipped one of my male colleagues, “I wonder how her husband copes with her at home”.“What happened” I asked the colleague, cringing within me as I was almost certain I would hear the repertoire of sexist rhetoric that besiege female leaders. Sure enough, the response was that she was too stern, “she behaves like a man” he

CARTA cohort 4 fellow, Boladale Mapayi will participate in the WPA XVII World Congress of Psychiatry in Berlin, Germany from 8-12 October 2017.Dr Mapayi will make a 15-minutes oral presentation on 10 October 2017 on a paper entitled: “Personality factors associated with contraceptive behaviour among women attending the psychiatric clinic of a Nigerian Teaching Hospital.”The 17th World Psychiatric Association (WPA) conference will gather together experts to share academic and clinical developments and research around mental health and to build on social interactions and to support each other.On the following day, 11 October, she will chair a 45-minutes long symposium titled “Let’s talk about sex: violence, culture and politics of sex in Nigeria using the Chibok example.” The symposium will seek to shed light on the politics surrounding early marriage, same sex relationships and violence against women; the culture of silence

[caption id="attachment_5949" align="alignright" width="198"] CARTA cohort 7 fellow Eniola Olubukola Cadmus[/caption]The International day of older persons was celebrated on 1 October and the theme this year was "Stepping into the Future: Tapping the talents, contributions and participation of older persons in society.” CARTA cohort 7 fellow Eniola Olubukola Cadmus research focuses on the care of older persons. She has also has been ruminating on a research idea to quantify contributions of older persons in the family and society. The importance of this, she adds, stems from the fact that the government in many low and middle income countries do not prioritize provisions for older persons because they are considered a burden. She sheds more light on this issue.Population ageing has been occurring at an exceptional rate in many countries globally.[1] Initially, the phenomenon was reported to occur mostly in high income countries,

The CARTA Graduate Workshop began today (25 September) and ends on Friday (29 September), in Nairobi at the Safari Park Hotel. The aim of the workshop is to equip post-doctoral early career researchers with key skills to develop grant-winning proposals.[caption id="attachment_5915" align="alignright" width="372"] Participants at the CARTA Graduate Workshop in Nairobi, Kenya on 25 September, 2017. Photo/Ekilonzo[/caption]Ten graduates from CARTA African partner universities and four PhD graduates from CARTA Northern partner institutions are at the workshop to work on their research ideas.APHRC's Director of Research Capacity Strengthening James Kisia gave the opening remarks of the workshop and urged the participants to work closely with the facilitators in the next five days.“Seek and receive critique of your research ideas and plans and integrate these to your individual proposals,” he said.Coordinator of the training Hakan Billig from the University of Gothenburg said this was not an

Nearly 360 million people worldwide—about the entire population of the United States—have disabling hearing loss [1]. Of these, 32 million are children. Kaitesi Batamuliza Mukara, CARTA Cohort four fellow, spoke with a mother whose child has a hearing impairment and wrote this article for the 2017 International Week of the Deaf which takes place from 18 to 24 September.Claude had normal hearing but all this changed when he got meningitis, an infection of the protective membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord (meninges). After he recovered, he could not respond when spoken to or to other children while playing. He was four years old.“When I tried to speak to him he was unfazed but when touched he would turn and stare. He could not hear,” the mother adds.He then started speaking incomprehensible words. Initially, this was assumed was because Claude's family had moved from Congo where they

[caption id="attachment_5641" align="alignright" width="362"] CARTA Corhot 6 Fellow Nomfundo Moroe during her rapid-fire pitch presentation at the DELTAS AGM in Accra, Ghana on July 5, 2017. PHOTO/AESA[/caption]CARTA Fellow Nomfundo Moroe won the Best Abstract Award in Ghana during the Developing Excellence in Leadership, Training and Science (DELTAS) Africa Annual Meeting.The convening which began on July 3 to 5, 2017, brought together African health researchers from 31 African countries to showcase some of the ground breaking research being done on the continent to address Africa’s health challenges.She lived true to the theme of the AGM, that is, “showcasing the best so far” as she made an engaging rapid-fire presentation—under three minutes—where she presented her pitch about the management of noise and hearing loss in the mines in South Africa.Ms Moroe, a PhD Candidate from the University of Witwatersrand, beat 14 other

CARTA Fellow Boladale Mapayi has been appointed the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Clinical Sciences at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria.The PhD fellow, who is a senior lecturer at the institution’s Department of Mental Health and a clinical psychologist, was appointed to her new role on July 1, 2017.Shortly after sharing the announcement, Dr Mapayi who is a CARTA Cohort 4 fellow said: "I thank CARTA for being a major stakeholder in my success story. The leadership skills training are coming in handy. Great job CARTA Team."Dr Mapayi on June 2, 2017 successfully defended her thesis titled "Integrating Family Planning into Mental Health Services for women attending the Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic of Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals Complex, Ile-Ife".