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Information to Fellowship Applicants

CARTA welcomes applications from interested, and qualified individuals from across Africa, in all our partner institutions and organizations.

NOTE: Detailed application information will be released during the CARTA Call for Applications. We encourage interested applicants to keep checking our website regularly, for news and information on applications for the CARTA Fellowship program.

Call for Applications

Each year, the CARTA call for fellowship applications is announced in mid-January. The call for applications is shared widely on the CARTA and partner institutions websites, and circulated to all CARTA partners.

Applicants are expected to submit application forms by the specified deadlines to the Focal Persons at partner institutions, with a copy to the CARTA secretariat.

Fellows’ Selection

CARTA Fellowship applicants are evaluated at their institutions, and selected nominees contacted to make full applications to CARTA. Institutions must submit a completed “University CARTA PhD Fellowships Applications” screening form.

Full Application Process
Pre-JAS Assignments:

CARTA Fellowship nominees complete the Pre-JAS part 1 assignments and submit a full application form within strict specified timelines. The tasks include;

  • Critical review of a scientific article
  • Numeracy task
  • Critical thinking task
  • Understanding plagiarism course
  • AMANET basic health research ethics course
  • All nominees should receive an ID which they record on their pre-JAS Assignments

Reminders to submit the assignments are sent to applicants 2 weeks before the deadline.

The pre-JAS part 1 assignments must be uploaded to the Pre-JAS Part 1 web portal, which is shared during the application process. The pre-JAS assignments are uniquely developed and revised each year.

Proposal review:

Applicants also have an opportunity to revise the proposals submitted for the earlier institutional selection after completion of their pre-JAS assignment.

Applicants’ Assessment
  • All tasks are submitted to reviewers within a week of the submission deadline.
  • Documents shared with reviewers: Score sheet, a description of the Pre-JAS tasks
  • Each task is assessed by two independent reviewers
  • Reviewers submit their scores at least two weeks before the CARTA Partners’ Forum (PaF).
  • Applicants with a minimum score of 350 can receive the CARTA fellowship
  • Each proposal is sent to three institutions (other than the applicant’s own institution). The proposals are assessed on the following criteria;

Variable Assessed

Information Source

Candidate’s scientific background and potential for development of a strong research career

Applicant’s CV

Reference letter

Candidate’s Motivational Essay

Motivational essay

Scientific merit of the proposed research project

Narrative of applicants’ proposed PhD research

  • All proposals are submitted to reviewers within two week of the submission deadline and scores received at least two weeks before the CARTA Partners’ Forum
  • Documents to be shared with reviewers: Score sheet, Proposals, review guidelines
Final assessment

The final assessment of CARTA Fellowship applicants is based on the average scores on the pre-JAS and proposal assessments. A pooled rank is then generated based on the rank on the pre-JAS assignments and the rank on the proposal scores.

Gender Balance

CARTA Partners’ Forum and nominating Partner Institutions ensure gender distribution in fellows’ selection processes at all times.