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Are CARTA fellowships available to students from outside the nine participating universities?

No. CARTA fellowships are only available to students who are faculty or staff at any of the participating universities and African research institutes and are registered for PhD at a participating university.

Whom should I contact if I’m interested in a CARTA program at a participating university?

All participating CARTA universities have a CARTA Focal Point Person(s) and a CARTA Committee that oversees the CARTA program implementation at the institution.

Can I ask a CARTA focal person to be my supervisor?

Yes, CARTA focal persons may also be supervisors of CARTA fellows as long as they meet institutional requirements for PhD supervision.

Can I apply for CARTA fellowship even if I have no admission status at any of the participating universities?

Yes, one may make a preliminary application to CARTA before being admitted into the program. However, final selection into the program is dependent on admission to one of the nine participating universities.

How else can I find a supervisor for my work?

Kindly browse the list of available supervisors, matching them with your research interest and select those you wish to supervise you.  You may then send an e-mail to your chosen supervisor(s) requesting them to supervise you. A supervisor will respond with an email either accepting or declining your request.

Can I apply for a fellowship if I am teaching at a university that is not participating in the CARTA program?

No. Applicants for this program must be a member of staff at one of the participating African institutions.

Can I work anywhere in the world after completing the CARTA fellowship program?

No. Beneficiaries of the program must be faculty or staff at one of the participating African institutions and must be committed to contributing towards building capacity at their institutions. Specifically, CARTA seeks to sponsor candidates who aspire to be future leaders in their institutions.

If I do not get CARTA fellowship, can I participate in a CARTA organized training if I have an alternative source of funding?

Currently, only CARTA fellows may participate in CARTA organized trainings. However, it is possible that in future the training will be opened to private students

Are we (potential) fellows allowed to register for PhD with CARTA’s northern partner universities?

No. Fellows are strongly encouraged to register in their own home institutions, except in cases where the programs they wish to pursue are not offered or they cannot secure a supervisor in their institutions. In such circumstances, fellows are encouraged to register with other CARTA-affiliated institutions within sub-Saharan Africa. If a northern partner is interested in the work of a CARTA fellow, arrangements can be made to have the northern partner host the fellow, provided that the partner institution is willing to take the CARTA fellow on-board.

Are sandwich or split-site PhD arrangements possible where one can register for a PhD in more than one university?

A split-site PhD program can be allowed if your university has a collaborative arrangement with a northern partner institution, subject to approval by the CARTA Board of Management