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Moi University Vice Chancellor opens JAS 1 and JAS 4 for CARTA fellows in Nairobi

Prof. Richard K. Mibey, Vice Chancellor – Moi University officially opened CARTA’s JAS 1 and JAS 4 at Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya.  The one-month long seminars will run from February 29 to March 23, 2016. 25 fellows from cohort 6 and 19 fellows from cohort 3 are attending JAS 1 and 4 respectively.

“I am much honored to be here. This program is transforming people and making leaders for the continent,” said Prof. Mibey. “You have been chosen amongst many who equally qualified to join this program. Don’t take it for granted. We count on you to be the change agents in your universities, your countries and for this continent.”

Joint Advanced Seminars (JASes) are central to training of doctoral students by the Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa (CARTA) program. The JASes offer students uninterrupted time off their usual work duties to be trained and work on their projects. Each fellow is expected to attend four JAS seminars. JAS 1 is for the new students while JAS 4 is for fellows in their final year of the program.

“CARTA was modeled as a 20-year program to deliver quality training to African students in population and health research on the background of growing demand for university education on the continent,” said Dr. Alex Ezeh, CARTA director. “Today, 8 years since the program was started, the challenge still remains and we need to ask ourselves who will train the university trainers.”

The JAS model by CARTA is uniquely structured and is residential. This way, students attending the seminars are able to remain true to the program tasks, learn collaboratively, interact with local and international facilitators, and develop and consolidate professional networks.

“Prepare yourselves for bigger things,” said Prof. Mibey while addressing cohort 6 fellows who are attending their first JAS. “This program transforms lives and is bringing great development to the continent. I challenge the African Union (AU), East Africa Community (EAC), Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA), and the Kenya Public University Caucus to work closely with CARTA and get involved in transforming PhD training on the continent and developing research leaders,” added Prof. Mibey.

The CARTA Program offers a quality enhancement to PhDs attained by its fellows and continues to influence the discourse in higher education and research in Africa through peer-reviewed publications and participation in international conferences. During the CARTA JASes fellows have access to over 500 cumulative years of experience from the facilitators. Writing, publishing, grant writing, policy engagement and community engagement are some of the skills that fellows are taught during the JASes.

“For us from the North, CARTA is an excellent example of how partnerships can be modelled and nurtured,” said Prof. Bo Eriksson of the University of Gothenburg. “I am very glad to participate at the CARTA JASes.”

Participants at the opening ceremony for JAS 1 and 4 at Safari Park hotel, Nairobi, Kenya

Participants at the opening ceremony for JAS 1 and 4 at Safari Park hotel, Nairobi, Kenya

The ceremony was attended by amongst others the CARTA Board of Management Chair, Prof. Anne Nangulu and CARTA fellows from other cohorts.

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