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Opportunity: Future Africa Early Career Researcher Leadership Fellowship

Deadline: April 30, 2018
The Future Africa Institute at the University of Pretoria is excited to announce a new Early Career Research Fellowship.
The Fellowship will support the development of young research leaders who can drive transdisciplinary research programs focused on the African Bioeconomy. For purposes of this call, “bioeconomy” is defined activities that make use of bio-innovations, and are based on biological sources, materials and processes to generate sustainable economic, social and environmental development. The fellowship has unique elements that focus on both technical research and leadership skills development.
Applications are welcome for such topic areas as:
• Technological and non-technological exploitation of natural resources such as animals, plant biodiversity, micro-organisms and minerals to improve human health, address food security, and subsequently to contribute to economic growth and improved quality of life.
• Ecological issues and climate change as influencers, promoters, and inhibitors of bioeconomic advancement.
• The politics of the bioeconomy, including tensions around land and food security, biodiversity and indigenous knowledge, and economic growth and growing income insecurity and inequality.
• Cultural perspectives and practices that influence, assist, or impair human interactions with the natural environment.
This early-career fellowship will aim to develop research leadership to fill a critical gap in the African research capacity ecosystem. Emerging research leaders in the natural and social sciences and humanities are encouraged to apply for this fellowship.
More details on how to apply here:
Deadline: April 30, 2018
For further assistance contact Amelia Cilliers.

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