CARTA / Securing the future of our Graduates

Graduates need opportunities to further their training, and to network and collaborate with peers. CARTA offers a variety of high quality post-doctoral opportunities.

Post-doctoral Training Awards are tenable at CARTA affiliated research centers and employ a mix of strategies to develop in-depth skills in the fellows’ own research areas, as well as general research leadership skills. We offer traditional fixed-term (1-2 years) fellowships and short-term repeat visits to accommodate women with children and staff-stretched university departments.

CARTA Re-entry Grants target fellows returning to (or remaining at) their own institutions upon completing their doctoral training. The grants are designed for graduates who cannot travel away from their home bases for postdoctoral training, especially women with children. The fellows must identify research-supportive environments at their home institutions that can provide mentorship and opportunities to network and learn specific skills, and write high-quality research proposals that have the potential to lead to larger research programs.

Proposal Development Workshops and Writing Retreats help CARTA graduates hone their skills in applying for grants and awards, and to develop and finalize their research papers. They are run by global experts, sourced from CARTA partner institutions and other reputable organizations, who have outstanding track records in grant applications and scholarly production. The workshops also offer protected time for mentors to review manuscripts submitted by fellows for publication in peer-reviewed open-access journals.