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Sida and Research Council of Sweden sign funding agreement with APHRC for CARTA

Senior officials from the Swedish Research Council and Sida visited the APHRC campus on January 25, for the official signing of a new grant agreement of over SEK 71.1 Million to support the CARTA program from 2017–2021. The visit was part of the council’s science advisory board official trips to Sida’s funded programs in Kenya, with special interest in how their continued funding is contributing to development.

As part of their focus on innovation, Sida officials highlighted their key funding priorities, in relation to the renewed funding to the CARTA program. These include the need for increased capacity of developing countries to conduct research, support for regional and global programs centered on development, how technical, scientific and social innovations can be scaled up and ensuring Swedish scientists are also researching globally relevant issues.

In his address to the team, APHRC Executive Director and CARTA Co-director, Alex Ezeh, showcased the center’s initiatives and critical investments made by the organization over the years through quality research, policy engagement, and research strengthening programs, which have fueled renewed interest in research capacity building in the continent. Highlighting the CARTA program which has to date supported over 165 doctoral candidates, Dr. Ezeh explained, “In designing the CARTA model, the goal was to build African research leaders locally and no longer continue to send students overseas and expecting them to come back. The main idea was to reorganize the way we run doctoral programs by ensuring availability of competent and globally competitive human resources to run doctoral programs, develop individuals with critical skills in research, and strengthen institutional systems.”

During the visit, Sida officials expressed great excitement at the work being undertaken by APHRC in Africa, including the impact that the center’s research continues to have, and the numerous opportunities for even greater policy influence for the region’s development. Anna-Maria Oltorp, Sida’s Head of Unit for research Cooperation, Department of Partnerships and Innovations commented, “We are really looking forward to continuing this collaboration.” Thomas Rosswal, the Chair of the Research Council of Sida shared the delegation’s delight at APHRC’s achievements, saying the team is excited about using the CARTA model for their work in other areas.

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