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Take the online survey: Costing research accurately

Costing research accurately is as much about winning today’s grants as it is about long-term, sustainable think tanks. The ESSENCE on Health Research, an initiative that allows donors/funders to identify synergies, establish coherence and increase the value of resources and action for health research, is conducting a survey on research costing.

ESSENCE on Health Research has led several innovative approaches to achieve harmonization and optimization of research funding, including the development of a good practice document series. One such output, the Five Keys to improving Research Costing in LMICs (‘the Five Keys’), has become a valuable resource for funders and research institutions since it was published in 2012. The Five Keys describes the research costing practices, particularly related to indirect costs, of funders and research institutions using case studies. The Five Keys document has also created a platform for funders and institutions to engage on aspects of research costing.

The survey covers the following topics:

  • The use and impact of the Five Keys good practice document
  • Current research funding and research costing and pricing practices
  • Current research funding (including grants and financial management) practices
  • Changes in the research funding, research costing and research management environment since the publication of the Five Keys in 2012.

Please click here to complete the survey now by August 16, 2019. The survey is available in English, French and Spanish.

For any queries or technical issues related to the survey, please contact Karin Dyason via

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