Blessings Nyasilia Kaunda-Khangamwa

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Research Fellow




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Blessings is a CARTA PhD Research Fellow under the School of Public Health, University of the Witwatersrand. She holds a Master of Science degree in Medical Anthropology from the University of Amsterdam-The Netherlands and a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences-Sociology from The University of Malawi, Chancellor College. Blessings is a Research Scientist at the University of Malawi, College of Medicine, Malawi. Her passion is in adolescents’ health, focusing on underlying interventions for both (non) protective health behaviours, the less than successful outcomes of varied health interventions, including contributions to the design of health programmes and public policy. Her PhD research work borders around adolescent health. She intends to contribute to the design of health interventions and health policies surrounding (non) communicable diseases in Malawi as directed at adolescents. Her niche as a research scientist is in mixed methods research studies. She has a growing experience working in the areas of HIV, malaria, pneumonia, maternal and adolescent, sexual reproductive health, adolescent health as well as M&E projects. She has played key roles in proposal writing, facilitating qualitative methodology classes, research designs, development of study tools, field work, including qualitative and quantitative data analysis using Nvivo, ATLAS software, STATA and report writing. She also has vast experience in leading mixed methods research studies, conducting research and working in consortiums. Blessings second interest is lecturing and facilitating mixed methodology classes. Blessings long term goals are to become a research guru and continue making a difference in research by contributing to methodological and policy debates as well as key interventions under health programmes.

Areas of Interest:

Health Communication

Area of specialization

Health Communication

bachelor's degree

Bachelor of Social Science-Sociology and Public Administration


Master of Science in Medical Anthropology