John Olugbenga Abe

Current Position

Lecturer l


Demography and Social Statistics


year of completion:


I am a lecturer at Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria. I teach Demography and Social Statistics. My Ph.D focuses on quality of life of older persons, labour force participation and retirement. Before taken up appointment in the university, I have worked as an analyst in one of the biggest banks in Africa. I have also worked as a team member on some World Bank and WHO supported projects, for example Widowhood Study in Osun State, and Child Immunization in Nigeria. I am well equipped with both quantitative and qualitative research skills. I am a member of technical committee of Tertiary Education Fund (TETFUND) on the research Vulnerability Indicators of the Elderly Population in Nigeria. I am well versed in quantitative and qualitative analyses. I am also equipped with the use of demographic techniques, for example, life table models, My research interest is on the health and demographic aspects of population ageing. My aspiration after the PhD is to mentor younger lecturers and researchers with a view to improve the standard of teaching and research in Africa.

Areas of Interest:

Demography, Population, and Ecology

Area of specialization

Demography, Population, and Ecology

bachelor's degree

B.Sc. Demography and Social Statistics


M.Sc. Demography and Social Statistics