Respicius Shumbusho Damian

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Department of Political Science and Public Administration


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Dr. Respicius Shumbusho Damian (most known as Shumbusho) holds PhD, MA, and BA degrees in Political Science and Public Administration. His areas of specialization are Public Policy and Policy Management, Public Administration and Governance, Public Finance, and Administrative Law. Dr. Shumbusho researches on community empowerment and accountability in rural primary health care, social protection, healthcare financing and governance. His current research focuses on the innovations for effectively engaging communities and community-level actors in poor and low-income countries in mobilizing locally available resources and effectively managing them to ensure availability, accessibility, and affordability of services. Dr. Shumbusho is a growing expert in implementation and Community and Public Engagement (CPE) research. He is currently leading the CBM4Tanzania research project, which is a theory-guided feasibility trial attempting to explore the impact and acceptability and scalability of Community-Based Monitoring (CBM) for improving accountability and service delivery in Rural Primary Health Care, which is supported by the Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa (CARTA) and the African Academy of Science (AAS). He is also a learning expert in designing and evaluating complex policy interventions. Currently, Shumbusho is employed as a Lecturer at the University of Dar es Salaam where he teaches courses in PhD and Master Programs. The courses he teaches include Public Policy, Research Methodology, Data Analysis Methods and Techniques, Ethics in Research and Public Policy, Law Enforcement Administration, and Administrative and Labor Laws. He is also a Co-coordinator of Master of Research and Public Policy (MRPP) program.

Areas of Interest:

Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration: Health Policy

Area of specialization

Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration: Health Policy

bachelor's degree

BA (Political Science and Public Administration)


MA (Political Science and Public Administration)