Pedagogy in Action

If you want to reproduce or adapt the teaching methods of the Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa (CARTA), this website is for you.

Written documentation can describe the content and curriculum of training. But teaching, particularly using participatory methods, is an interactive process. With this in mind, we produced the videos (below) to demonstrate CARTA’s pedagogy in action.

CARTA encourages past and current Fellows, their home institutions and other universities to use and share the principles and practice of these teaching and learning methods. Note that these videos are not in themselves teaching tools. Rather, they are to support teachers’ preparation and to guide their teaching.

To use or adapt CARTA’s participatory methods, you can draw on:

  • Lesson plans and support materials for each of the Joint Advanced Seminars (JASes)
  • An overview video that describes CARTA’s approach 
  • Videos that illustrate specific activities and methods in action

The video for each session shows how CARTA facilitators work together to achieve seminar outcomes. They demonstrate teaching methods that you can go on to replicate or adapt. We present the videos according to the Joint Advanced Seminar (JAS) in which CARTA uses that particular approach.



CARTA’s approach to teaching and learning
JAS 1 – Focus on multidisciplinary research and public and population health
Field Visit

The how and why of public health research

Multi Disciplinarity

Learning across fields of study

JAS 2 – Focus on research methods
Journal Clubs

Roles and structures to make them effective

Spider Web

A learning game to map social and gender dynamics in health

Academic Posters

Groups integrate and present evidence from mixed methods research

JAS 3 – Focus on analysis and interpretation of data
Scientific Blitz

Evidence-based debates on contemporary health issues

Work in Progress

Giving and receiving peer critique

JAS 4 – Focus on professional development
Grant Proposals

Simulating a response to a call for research funding

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