CARTA@10: Webinar 2 – Mainstreaming of CARTA at partner institutions

CARTA@10: Webinar 2 – Mainstreaming of CARTA at partner institutions



  • Dr. Funke Fayehun – University of Ibadan
  • Dr. Sunday Adedini – Obafemi Awolowo University
  • Dr. François Niragire – University of Rwanda


  • Dr. Florah Karimi – CARTA Program Manager

CARTA is established as a partnership of twelve (12) African institutions, including eight (8) universities and four (4) research institutions, spread in seven countries – Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Malawi, South Africa and Nigeria. It was designed as a 20-year programme whose central purpose is to improve public health and population wellbeing by ensuring that African universities produce excellent multidisciplinary research and promote evidence uptake; and create networks of locally-trained internationally-recognised scholars. Its three-fold goal is to: produce a critical mass of African research leaders; build research supportive environments; and promote African universities as centres of research excellence, impacting society.

CARTA, being cognizant of the significant challenges experienced by African universities in intensifying research and consequently influencing society, aims to mainstream its established research capacity strengthening interventions in its partner universities for sustainability and diffusion of its gains, beyond the specific institutions and the envisaged 20-year span. CARTA recognizes that it is only through the adoption and adaption of its interventions into university systems that the objectives of the program can be realized.

As CARTA looks back at its 10 years of existence, it is inspiring to witness different partner universities mainstream its interventions for greater sustainability and diffusion of its gains. CARTA recognizes sensitization, integration, institutionalization, capacity strengthening, and monitoring and evaluation as key features in mainstreaming its interventions at institutional level. 


The goal of this webinar is to illustrate the processes of mainstreaming CARTA interventions in partner universities while also pointing out on possible barriers and how to circumvent and overcome them.

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Date: October 5, 2020
Duration: 1 Day