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Dieudonne Uwizeye

University of Dar- Es-Salaam

Country: Rwanda

Institution: University of Dar- Es-Salaam

Area of Research: Population growth, environmental degradation and health issues in urban informal settlements. He is also interested in demography and development issues in low and middle income countries.


Dieudonne is a faculty member at the department of Development Studies, School of Social, Political and Administrative Sciences, University of Rwanda. He teaches quantitative related courses: Statistics, Demography, Gender analysis methodology and quantitative research methods to both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

He holds a PhD in Demography obtained in 2015 from the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania under the fellowship of CARTA. His research area is: Population growth, environmental degradation, and health issues in urban informal settlements.

He served as the head of the Department of Sustainable Development at the Centre for Environment, Entrepreneurship and sustainable Development, University of Rwanda (2010-2012). During this period, he coordinated the development of the Centre’s seven years Strategic Plan_2012-2017. He also coordinated the development of a training manual for farming cooperative managers in Rwanda. The manual was distributed throughout the country under the support of Sida/SAREC and is making a big difference in the management of farming cooperatives in Rwanda.