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Edwin Sang

Moi University

Country: Kenya

Institution: Moi University

Area of Research:


Edwin is a Biostatistician and leads the research data management teams for various research projects within the Academic Model Providing Access to Healthcare Research Network (AMPATH Resnet) and the International Epidemiological Databases to Evaluate HIV and AIDS (IeDEA) East African cohort. He has enormous experience generating research datasets and performing statistical analyses on cross-sectional, longitudinal, retrospective, observational, prospective, case-controlled and clinical trial studies and managing data from the complex databases such as OpenMRS. He has since published 13 articles in peer reviewed journals. Edwin also partly teaches statistical methodology and data analysis techniques at the college of health sciences, Moi University.

He holds a Master’s degree in Biostatistics from Brown University, Providence, USA, and has been a Fogarty AIDS International Training and Research (AITRP) Fellow at the same institution.