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Joshua Odunayo Akinyemi

University of Ibadan

Country: Nigeria

Institution: University of Ibadan

Area of Research: Levels, trends and differentials in under-five mortality in Nigeria, 1990-2008


Joshua Odunayo Akinyemi is a lecturer at the Department of Epidemiology & Medical Statistics, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. With expertise in study designs, advanced demographic and statistical modeling, he plays active roles in many multidisciplinary research projects within and outside the University of Ibadan. He is a member of the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP), International Epidemiological Association, and International Society for Clinical Biostatistics among other professional organizations.

His research interests revolve around two areas; Medical demography covering demographic estimation and statistical modeling of mortality, maternal and child health outcomes, and multidisciplinary collaborations with other scientists working on HIV/AIDS, malaria, and cardiovascular diseases.

His goal is to contribute towards meeting the critical societal need for evidence towards improving population and public health in Nigeria and sub-Sahara Africa. He hopes to achieve this aspiration through cutting-edge research, teaching/mentoring, and applied services in his area of expertise.