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Kalulu Khumbo M

University of Malawi

Country: Malawi

Institution: University of Malawi

Area of Research:


Khumbo is a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Sanitation in the Department of Environmental Health at the Polytechnic, University of Malawi. He holds a BSc. Civil Engineering from the University of Malawi, Masters in Integrated Water Resources Management from University of Dar es Salaam and Master of Business Administration from Eastern and Southern Africa Management Institute (ESAMI) & Maastricht School of Management (MsM). He has over 12 years of experience working in the water and sanitation field in NGOs, Government, and Academia setups.

Currently, he is a team member of the Water Research Commission funded Sanitation Research Fund for Africa Project, focusing on fecal sludge management in Malawi’s informal settlements. He has also worked with many local and international NGOs in Malawi as a consultant in water, sanitation, and hygiene studies.
Khumbo believes that small interventions have the capacity to make a big difference. Khumbo loves listening to and playing music, watching action movies, and landscaping.