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Marie Chantal Uwimana

University of Rwanda

Country: Rwanda

Institution: University of Rwanda

Area of Research:


Marie is a registered nurse-midwife and is currently an Assistant Lecturer in the College of Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of Rwanda. Besides, she is the Head of the Midwifery department in the School of Nursing and Midwifery. She is actively involved in developing and delivering modules to be taught to midwifery and nursing. She completed her midwifery education in Rwanda in 2000. She pursued her honor’s degree in Nursing and a master’s degree in Nursing Management from the University of Kwa Zulu Natal in the Republic of South Africa in 2010. She has been teaching at the University of Rwanda since 2006.

Her previous professional experience includes clinical practice in maternity at the University Teaching hospital and Health care centers. She has given oral presentations focusing on nursing and midwifery education and practice at regional and international conferences. Her research interest focuses on maternal and child health. Marie believes that well-trained nurses and midwives are key health providers in improving maternal, newborn, and child health.