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Moroe Nomfundo Floweret

University of the Witwatersrand

Country: South Africa

Institution: University of the Witwatersrand

Area of Research:


Moroe is a Speech Therapist & Audiologist who holds a Master’s degree in Audiology from the University of the Witwatersrand. She is also a PhD fellow whose study aims to explore the impact and management of occupational noise-induced hearing loss in large scale gold mines in South Africa and the roles policymakers and various stakeholders can play in managing occupational noise.
Moroe is currently a lecturer in the Speech Pathology and Audiology Department. Her area of specialty includes Aural Rehabilitation and Multiple Disability. Her work includes teaching, clinical supervision, and research. She has supervised the Electrophysiology clinic (Auditory Evoked Potentials clinic, Hearing Aid clinic, and Audiology Initial Consultation clinic. Furthermore, she supervises both undergraduate and postgraduate students in a range of topics, mostly focused on hearing loss, the quality of life of individuals with hearing impairments, South African Sign Language, and the role of audiologists in schools, hospitals, and the private sector. She has also published in peer-reviewed journals.
Before joining the University of the Witwatersrand in 2012, she worked as a therapist for the Gauteng Department of Health and the Department of Education at a school for Learners with Special Educational Needs.
Her dream is to witness the Transformation Agenda becoming a reality in Higher Education and Training in South Africa so that the number of young black researchers in Africa can grow. Her motto in life is: It CAN be done. It WILL be done.