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Olufemi Adetutu

Obafemi Awolowo University

Country: Nigeria

Institution: Obafemi Awolowo University

Area of Research: Contextual Determinants of Sexual Behaviour of Emerging Adults in Nigeria


I am a demographer with a bias in sexual and reproductive health of adolescents and emerging adults. I have also worked in the area of maternal and child health. I worked on contextual determinants of sexual behaviour of emerging adults in Nigeria. I have strong ability in survey design and quantitative methods and analysis, especially multilevel analysis. I have completed my PhD. After this, I want to get a Postdoctoral research fellowship in any of the areas such as adolescent sexual and reproductive health behaviour, maternal and child health and gender-based issues. I have started using the research competencies received in the course of my PhD to write papers and had submitted some papers for review and probably publication in some reputable journal outlets. I wish to hone my skills further through reading, workshop, networking with scholars in the CARTA consortium and elsewhere. I want to be a research leader that will contribute to the global discourse in my areas of interest. I also want to use my research capacities and teaching to be an agent of change in Africa research and world over. I want to contribute to institutionalization of CARTA model in my home university among the undergraduate and postgraduate students. I wish to win research grants and address societal problems through researches that have a component of community engagement. I am expecting the call for application of re-entry grant of CARTA.