Felix Khuluza

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Senior Lecturer




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“Felix Khuluza, PhD, is a senior lecturer with Kamuzu University of Health Sciences (formerly: University of Malawi-College of Medicine). He is a registered pharmacist, health economist, Pharmaceutical Supply specialist and pharmaceutical analyst currently leading several studies: 1. Countering the prevalence of substandard and falsified Medicines in Malawi (COPSMEDS). Funded by EDCTP 2. Feasibility study of low-cost technologies in the identification of substandard and falsified medicines in Malawi-Funded by CARTA 3. Pharmacokinetics parameters of Ampicillin in pregnant women. He has a PhD in Pharmacy from University of Malawi and has a Master of Health Economics from University of Queensland-Australia. During his PhD, he has been groomed by: CARTA; Universities of Malawi, Tubingen and Wurzburg in Germany; and Mission for Essential Drug Supply in Kenya. He has over Ten years of experience in conducting research on Quality of Medicines in Malawi and has been engaged by Pharmacy and Medicines Regulatory Authority in reviewing and drafting of laws and regulations related to pharmacy in Malawi. He currently sits as one of the members of the Finance and Administration of Pharmacy and Medicines Regulatory Authority where he is involved in policy-making decision for the pharmacy profession and regulation of medicines in Malawi. Felix Khuluza is resolute in finding solutions to substandard and falsified medicines in low-and middle-income countries in order to contribute towards better health for the poor.”

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Chemicals and Drugs: Pharmaceutical Preparations

Area of specialization

Chemicals and Drugs: Pharmaceutical Preparations

bachelor's degree

Bachelor's of Pharmacy


Master of Health Economics