Judith Nekesa Mangeni

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Community Health


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Although my first degree was a BSc in Nursing, all the subsequent degrees including PhD have been in Public health. I have mostly worked in the field of Public health and all my mentors have actually be drawn from the same field. My main research interests are in communicable disease prevention and control especially malaria and HIV/AIDs. Previously, I worked on HIV/AIDs testing modalities and their uptake and my masters research work focused on factors associated with uptake of a routinely offered HIV test in Health facility settings. However, with time I have moved to malaria and that remains my main focus currently. My PhD work focused on risk factors for fine scale malaria heterogeneity in Western Kenya. I have published a couple of papers from this work. I’m currently working with my mentor as a co-investigator on a funded malaria study on spatial scales of Plasmodium falciparum generations; implications for elimination which will be beginning very soon. I have also been responding to small grant calls with proposals in the same area. Other research interests are maternal child health and disaster risk reduction in health. Going forward, I would like to establish my own little niche within the field of malaria as an early career investigator and contribute some evidence through research that may well be part of the information used to eliminate malaria someday particularly in endemic regions in Kenya. I’m currently working as a lecturer in the department of community health within the school of Nursing at Moi University. However, after attaining the current PhD qualification, I have been assigned research methods classes with postgraduate students in the entire college of health sciences.

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BSc. Nursing


MPH-Epidemiology and Biostatistics tract