CARTA / Institutionalization of CARTA

CARTA strengthens the human resources and university-wide systems resources critical to the success and sustainability of its programs at affiliated universities through workshops for librarians, graduate program coordinators (including deans), bursars, and registrars.

Three inaugural CARTA Institutionalization Awards were offered in 2017 to Obafemi Awolowo University, University of Rwanda and Makerere University to specifically institutionalize useful aspects of CARTA at their home universities. They were each awarded US$100,000 to incorporate CARTA practices at their respective institutions. These inaugural awards will institutionalize aspects that strengthen and sustain PhD training, build research-supportive environments, and accelerate high-quality research activity such as supervision, mentorship, faculty visits and improved administration in African institutions.

The awards are meant to support CARTA’s African partner institutions to mainstream and institutionalize proven and tested innovations with a strong emphasis on documentation of experiences and lessons learned. Some of the tested and effective innovations that will be adopted by awardees include faculty and staff training and interactions with VCs.

  Only one application per University is permitted and applications were received through university, faculty, and school or department level. The grants were awarded on a competitive basis and proposals were evaluated on the basis of relevance, replicability, methods and track record. By applying for these awards, African universities partner are able to draw on focal points, supervisors,faculty and staff training participants, and returning CARTA fellows to establish CARTA innovations. 

The institutionalization involves digitization of the CARTA curriculum. Partner institutions pledge to allow staff the time to participate in CARTA activities. Universities are also requested to commit to paying full salaries of staff on PhD fellowship, reduce the workload of staff on research projects, and waive fees.