CARTA / Peace & Recovery Program: COVID-19 Off-Cycle Funding

Peace & Recovery Program: COVID-19 Off-Cycle Funding

Deadline: 2nd April, 2021

IPA’s Peace & Recovery Program is pleased to announce that it is now accepting off-cycle proposals, capped at $50,000, for time-sensitive research projects and additions to research projects that study or support the COVID-19 response. They have two priorities for their COVID-19 off-cycle funding. To the degree possible, successful proposals will address both.
  • To produce information that can directly inform the humanitarian response to COVID-19
  • To produce generalizable knowledge that contributes academic literature on resilience, response, and recovery, in line with the goals and methods outlined in their¬†Guiding Principles and Funding Priorities
Application deadline: April 02, 2020
Direct all questions to