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CARTA's Pedagogy in Action

If you want to reproduce or adapt the teaching methods of the Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa (CARTA), this website is for you.

Written documentation can describe the content and curriculum of training. But teaching, particularly using participatory methods, is an interactive process. With this in mind, the videos here demonstrate CARTA’s pedagogy in action.

CARTA encourages past and current Fellows, their home institutions and other universities to use and share the principles and practice of these teaching and learning methods. Note that these videos are not in themselves teaching tools. Rather, they are to support teachers’ preparation and to guide their teaching.


ESE:O works to develop writing and publication skills in both academic and non-academic communities. CARTA partnered with ESEO to produce teaching resources in academic writing and critical thinking. The ESE:O methodology fosters capacity building in writing as sustainable process of synergies that work together to develop and strengthen writing both at an individual as well as a social level. Its aim is to facilitate inclusion into academic and policy making communities.

The ESE:O-CARTA manual provides basic skills that will help you write your doctoral thesis and any other academic text—including research articles and book chapters—so that they are well structured, logically coherent and engaging.