Sessions Skills
Critical thinking Analytical thinking Scientific reading & writing Giving feedback Knowledge translation Research leadership Academic citizenship Social justice Multi-disciplinarity Technical depth Scientific communication Project management Ethics
Databases, search
How to read a journal article
Gender & health
Gender & sexuality
Citation & referencing
Social determinants, multilevel framework
Contribution of disciplines
Research process, questions, methodologies
Research questions
and objectives
The research gap
Qualitative design, methodologies
Quantitative design, methodologies:
PowerPoint slides
HDSS to monitor transitions
Field visit: data collection
ESE:O academic writing
Research funding
in Africa
Academic citizenship, research integrity
HS research
Researcher identifiers: ORCID etc
Ethical review process
Community engagement
Concept presentations
Quali. data collection
Quant. data collection
Journal club
Diagnostic Clinics
Integrating data
Field trip:
ethics, logistics
Sampling techniques
Data analysis plan
Integrating qual.
& quant.
Evidence to policy
Designing posters
Social determinants/
Systematic lit review
Quant. data analysis
Qual. data analysis
Data analysis plan
Pitch articles, rank journals
Discussion section
Peer review
Diagnostic session
Online student–facilitator
Scientific blitz
Intergenerational dialogue
Manuscript club
Writing a grant
Team management
Budgeting a proposal
Peer & mentor evaluation
Politics of education
backward design
Learning & teaching
Large class teaching
Information design
Professional development plan
Strategic leadership
Research hub: collaborations
Post-PhD planning
Work–life balance
influencing change
Knowledge translation
Learning from others
Elevator pitch
Policy briefs