Board Member

Dr. Jill Alison

Dr. Jill Allison is the Global Health Coordinator and Adjunct Professor in the Division of Community Health and Humanities, Memorial University, Canada. Jill is a medical anthropologist and has worked in a number of health and development projects.  Jill Allison has been involved in building health equity for the past 40 years. She is a medical anthropologist working in the area of access to women’s health and sexual and reproductive health. She has also worked in projects aimed at improving women’s health in rural Haiti. Jill’s research has been focused on uptake of services in rural Nepal, adolescent sexual and reproductive health education and rights in Nepal, and infertility in Ireland. Her work in social science is informed by years in a nursing career that included global health projects in Nepal and Bangladesh. She is a global health educator in the Faculty of Medicine at Memorial University. She has been involved with local global health service learning and professional development education and pre-departure briefing for a local non-governmental organization.