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Practical Guidance for Designing and Reporting Qualitative Research

On this episode of the Academic Medicine Podcast, the journal’s editors–Bridget O’Brien, PhD, Jonathan Amiel, MD​, Megan Brown, MBBS(H), PhD, and Laura Hirshfield, PhD–join host

Designing gender-responsive data projects

Data collection historically has disregarded the experiences of women and marginalized communities. This has resulted in women’s unpaid care work being excluded from labor

A guide for more gender-responsive health research

What is gender-responsive health research, and why is it important? The health of individuals and communities is influenced by a variety of factors, including

Stakeholder engagement for gender-responsive health research

Stakeholder engagement (SE) refers to the involvement of impacted communities and individuals as partners in—rather than mere subjects of—research. Or, in other words: the

Connecting Gender Data to Action

Recent international initiatives show an increasing concern with gender data gaps, and—thanks in large part to decades of feminist advocacy—a growing awareness of the

The Global Health Network Annual Report 2021

The Global Health Network Annual Report 2021 Supporting equitable access to conducting and benefiting from health research during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. This

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Role Of Academia In Society - A Public Health Perspective

When | May 19, 2023

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