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Our Approach

Our Goals

The CARTA program has evolved over the last ten years of its implementation with each five-year cycle addressing pertinent issues for building research capacity at the partner institutions whilst taking into consideration the stage of maturity of the program and the lessons learned from the implementation.

Strategic Thrusts

In the third phase (2021-2025) – dubbed CARTA2025 – the program builds on the successes of the first two phases and has four interlinked strategic thrusts; Maintenance of a Pipeline of High-Quality Early Career Researchers (ECRs), Creation of Research Hubs in partner institutions, Mainstreaming of CARTA Interventions at partner institutions and Engagement of the CARTA Community with Society.

Securing the future of our Graduates

Graduates need opportunities to further their training, to network and to collaborate with peers. CARTA offers a variety of high quality post-doctoral opportunities.

Our Funders