Board Chairperson

Prof. Christopher Joseph Odhiambo

Christopher is a Professor of Literature and Applied Drama at Moi University’s Department of Literature, Linguistics, Foreign Languages and Film Studies. He holds a PhD in Drama and Theatre Arts from Stellenbosch University (SA), MA Literature (Kenyatta University) Bachelor of Education Arts (English and Literature, Kenyatta University). He is the immediate former Dean of School of Graduate Studies, Research and Innovation; has published widely in the fields of Literature, Applied Drama/Theatre, Popular Culture and Film. He has presented papers and keynote addresses on various topics in Literature, Theatre and Popular Culture in conferences and Seminars, has as facilitated numerous theatre and drama workshops in Kenya and beyond. He has written and directed plays. In 2007, Christopher was awarded a two year Mellon Research Fellowship at Wits University at the Department of African Literature and Dramatic Art Division and participated in the development and implementation of Drama for Life curriculum. In 2013 was awarded Wits University’s SPARC Distinguished Scholar Award and is also Alexander van Humboldt Senior Research Fellow. Currently National Chairman, Kenya National Drama and Film Festival Committee; Co-Covenor of KDEA Symposium in Nairobi in 1997 and of International Drama and Education (IDEA) Congress, 1998 in Kisumu. He has participated in the development of East African Theatre Institute constitution and work plan in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and has been a spokesperson for the Research Section Arts and Aesthetics at the Moi University-African Cluster Centre of Excellence. Christopher has carried out numerous consultancies for organizations such as the African Union (AU), European Union (EU), Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD), Regional Center for Quality Health Care (RCQHC), Capacity and Development (AICAD), and the Aga Khan Foundation.
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