Board Member

Prof. Susan Elliott

As a Health Geographer and University Research Chair in Health Geography at the University of Waterloo, Susan Elliott has an active research career, with more than 250 publications related to global environment and (public) health with an emphasis on WASH, gender, aging, and vulnerable populations. She has also supervised 50 plus graduate students and post-doctoral fellows to completion. She has undertaken a range of roles including Director of the Institute of Environment and Health (McMaster), Senior Research Fellow in the United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment and Health, Dean of Social Sciences (McMaster University) and Dean of Health Sciences (University of Waterloo). She is the founder and Co-editor in Chief of Wellbeing, Space & Society, the medical geography editor for Social Science and Medicine, as well as the Editor in Chief of Social Science and Medicine. She sits on the board of the Canadian Association for Global Health and Co-Directs the University Research Council for that organization. She has a commitment to impactful research in the area of global public health, and her research is characterized by strong science-policy bridging. See her lab website for more information:
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