Adeniyi Fagbamigbe


I hold a doctorate degree in Medical Statistics in addition to master’s degree in Medical Statistics, Project Development and Implementation and First Class Honours degree in Statistics. I have keen interest in Application of Statistics and Demography in Human Health. I have taught and mentored several Undergraduate and Postgraduate students and also conducted researches and surveys which centred on disease modelling and applications of Biostatistics, survival analysis, time series analysis, project development, monitoring and evaluation, curriculum development as well as data analysis, interpretation and reporting. Am proficient in the use of most statistical software packages such as R, STATA, SPSS, Epi Info, MS Excel etc. I have published research and academic papers I have published over 40 peer reviewed papers that utilized advanced statistical techniques and methodologies in peer reviewed journals with another set undergoing review. While undertaking research, I have received formal and comprehensive training as both co-investigator and principal investigator and attracted grants. I have attracted three grants totalling over $60,000.00. My career goal is to strive to be among the top 100 in my field- this has always been my aspiration. For the materialization of this aspiration, I have dedicated all my enthusiasm and energy to my academic endeavours-both my studies, teachings and research-over the past ten years. While been locally relevant, I wish to be globally recognized in Biostatistics and Medical Statistics with special interest in Survival Analysis and Statistical Modelling of diseases and Inferences. I have also widened my research into Epidemiology, Demography, Categorical data analysis, Experimental Design, Advanced Likelihood techniques and general application of statistics in solving population, clinical and public health problems. I intend to continue to build my career in teaching and research which will concentrate largely in building and developing statistical techniques and models that will provide solutions to lingering clinical and public health problems. Mentoring and giving directions to my research students both at graduate and undergraduate levels will continue to be an integral part of my research career. My teaching has been mostly at post graduate level within the last ten years. It has centred on equipping MSc Statistics, MSC Medical Statistics as well as MPH students with required statistical skills to achieve their academic and career goals. Some of the courses taught are Probability and Applied Probability, Statistical Modelling, Statistical Inferences, Clinical Trials, Survival Analysis, Categorical data analysis, Design and analysis of experiments, Non-parametric statistics, Research Methodologies, Medical Statistics and Biostatistics.