Aneth Kalinjuma


Snapshot: Ms Aneth Vedastus Kalinjuma is Biostatistician working with Chronic Disease Clinic of Ifakara (CDCI) under the department of Interventions and Clinical Trials Department at IHI. Her background is statistics with over ten-years working experience in nutrition surveys methodology at National and sub-National and HIV and TB research. Education Background: Ms. Aneth holds Msc. In Statistics specialized in Biostatistics awarded from Hasselt University in Belgium in September, 2012. Her Bachelor degree was Bachelor of Arts in Statistics, obtained at University of Dar-es-Salaam, in Dara-es-Salaam, Tanzania in 2007. During January, 2018 – December, 2019 Ms. Aneth was a research fellow (post-doctoral fellowship) in nutrition and pediatric infectious diseases under the Global Infectious Diseases (GID) program sponsored by the U.S. National Institute of Health (NIH) Fogarty International Center. This fellowship was done at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in the department of Global Health and Population (GHP), USA. Professional Experience and Skills: Ms Aneth began her career in October, 2007 as Research Assistant (Statistics) at Tanzania Food and Nutrition Center (TFNC) and she worked for seven years. At TFNC she was responsible for nutrition research methodology, data processing and analysis and reporting of national and sub-national surveys involving nutrition. Later in October, 2014, Aneth joined Ifakara Health Institute (IHI) as Research Scientist mainly responsible for data management and statistics of the Kilombero and Ulanga Antiretroviral Cohort (KIULARCO) embedded in HIV care and treatment center of St. Francis Referral Hospital at Ifakara, Morogoro, Tanzania. Since then she has participated in various research studies involving KIULARCO database for HIV positive person in rural, Tanzania. Aneth has skills in data management and statistical analysis for cross-sectional data, longitudinal data, survival data, handling missing data for both cross-sectional and survival data. Further, she is trained on anthropometry measurements for children under five (weight and height), nutrition assessment and surveillance, food and nutrition security monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment, modeling infectious diseases, service provision assessment survey data analysis. She competent with various statistical analysis platforms such as Stata, SAS, and R (basic). Research Areas: Her research interest includes: loss to follow-up among HIV positive person enrolled in HIV care and treatment center, nutrition outcomes (mainly anthropometry measurements) in HIV-infected persons on antiretroviral treatment, vitamin D and pregnancy outcomes and placental malaria outcomes in pregnant women. Aneth has co-authored 13 articles in international journals, with major role being study idea development, leading statistician and/or data management.