Doris Kwesiga


Doris is a researcher in the department of Health Policy, Planning and Management at Makerere University School of Public Health, where she is also involved in teaching and supervising students. She is currently engaged in research in the INDEPTH Network Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (MNCH) Working Group technical secretariat. Within the INDEPTH MNCH, Doris is part of the INDEPTH-ENAP project that seeks to improve household survey capture of stillbirths and neonatal deaths and birth weight and gestational age. She is also a co-investigator on the New Venture Fund project that aims to use data to advocate for policy and funding for Africa’s mothers, newborns and stillbirths, in order to facilitate achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Doris was a principal investigator for a study assessing factors influencing uptake and adherence of Kangaroo Mother Care in east central Uganda from 2016-2017. She has also previously worked as an assistant lecturer at the School of Public Health, Makerere University, and as a researcher at Child Health and Development Centre, Makerere University. Additionally, Doris has been a consultant for various projects. Her areas of interest include but are not limited to maternal, newborn and child health, with special focus on qualitative research methods. She is passionate about improving maternal, newborn and child health in low income countries, and is currently also a PhD student at Makerere University. Refereed research articles • Li M, Nyabigambo A, Navvuga P, Nuwamanya E, Nuwasiima A, Kaganda P, Asiimwe FT, Vodicka E, Mugisha NM, Mukose A, Kwesiga DK, Lubinga SJ, Garrison, LP, and Babigumira, JB. Acceptability of cervical cancer screening using visual inspection among women attending a childhood immunization clinic in Uganda. Papillomavirus Research (2017) 4: 17-21 • Muhwezi WW, Katahoire AR, Banura C, Mugooda H, Kwesiga D, Bastien S, and Knut-Inge K. Perceptions and experiences of adolescents, parents and school administrators regarding adolescent-parent communication on sexual and reproductive health issues in urban and rural Uganda. Reproductive Health (2015) 12:110 • Tumuhamye N, Rutebemberwa E, Kwesiga D, Bagonza J, Mukose A. Client Satisfaction with Integrated Community Case Management Program In Wakiso District, Uganda, October 2012: A cross sectional survey. Health 2013, 5: 1889-1898 • Kwesiga D, Kiwanuka S, Kiwanuka N, Mafigiri D, Nelson K. The Clients’ Voice: Satisfaction with HIV/AIDS Care in a Public and Private Health Facility in Kabale district, Uganda. J AIDS Clin Res 2013, 4:220