Felishana Cherop


Felishana is a Tutorial Fellow in the School of Business and Economics, Department of Management Science, Moi University, Kenya. She holds an MBA, Strategic Management and an MSc. International Health Research Ethics both from Moi University. Currently, she is pursuing a D.Phil. Strategic Management under the CARTA fellowship. Her area of research integrates strategic leadership, healthcare system factors, patient-provider relational dynamics, patient satisfaction and patient loyalty to HIV care. Her current position as a tutorial fellow exposes her to a wider range of tasks including implementation of institutional curricula through teaching of academic programs, supervision of students, provision of community services, initiation of linkages as well as promoting collaboration in research. Felishana is passionate about interdisciplinary research particularly integrating management models to address public health issues in her current PhD career. Her future aspirations are not limited to completing her PhD studies, disseminating knowledge to students and communities, teaching and supervision at a higher level but also collaborate with other scholars to address population health issues and ultimately become a change agent in her institution and community by influencing policies and strategies.

Entrepreneurial Orientation and Self-Concept Traits on Health Outcomes of People Living With HIV/Aids in Western Kenya