Felix Khuluza


Felix holds a Master of Health Economics Degree (2013) from University of Queensland and a Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) from the University of Malawi. Since April 2010 he has worked fulltime in the pharmacy department, first as an assistant lecturer and after completing his Master’s as a Lecturer of Pharmacy Law and Drug and Medical Supplies Management. He is also a researcher as well as consultant in Pharmaceutical logistics, suppply chain and Analysis. His main research focus is on Pharmaceutical analysis (qualitative and quantitative), Pharmaceutical supply and Logistics and the influence of supply chain on the quality of medicine. This is evidenced by several publications and conference papers of the same. He is pursuing his PhD in the area of quality of medicines and the factors contributing to that. At the same time he has garned funding to undertake a research titled “The Quality of Antimalarial and Antibiotic Medicines in Malawi-acronym QAAM”.

Chemicals and Drugs: Pharmaceutical Preparations