Florence Tushemerirwe


Florence holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health Nutrition, from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Technology and she has been researching prevention of malnutrition in the “first a thousand critical window of opportunity.” Florence’s Research Interest is in the Food Environment, Food Systems, Non-Communicable Diseases and Health Policy. For her research degree (PhD), Florence will be conducting research in the Food advertising and prevention of non-Communicable diseases area. Her research findings will directly contribute towards a healthy food environment through food, nutrition and health policy improvements for the public good. Previously, Florence was the Principal Investigator for the Grand Challenges Canada Rising Stars in Global Health seed-grant which was used to design the already packaged “Grand Nutrition supplementary food product and nutrition education” innovation that was successfully implemented in Luuka district- titled: An integrated model to prevent malnutrition among mothers and children 0-2 years in Rural Eastern Uganda: A feasibility study in Luuka District; that we hope to scale up. A documentary can be viewed here – Florence is currently the principal investigator for the “integrated model to prevent malnutrition among mothers and children 0-2 years in Uganda” that is implemented in Namutumba District, and is funded by USAID, through Resilient Africa Network (RAN) Project.

The Uganda Food System and its influence on Non-Communicable Diseases trends