Foluso Atiba


Foluso is a Neuroscientist, specializing in developmental neurotoxicity and the use of plant extract to mitigate the effect of teratogenic substance. She is presently looking at the “toxicity of substances used to suppress morning sickness during pregnancy”. She holds a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS), a Master’s in Nutrition and Dietetics, both from the University of Ibadan; In 2014, she pursued a Master’s in Anatomy where she looked at the role of Moringa oleifera in kolanut induced neurotoxicity. She has just completed a MPhil programme in Anatomy from the University of Ibadan having investigated the impact of aqueous extract of cola nitida on post-natal behavioural indices and histological alteration in the cerebellum of treated wistar rats. She worked as a Dental officer at Oyo state Hospital Management. She is currently a Lecturer in the Anatomy department, University of Ibadan. She teaches medical, dental and paramedical students gross and dental anatomy. She is driven with a passion of protecting the next generation by saving their brains from toxicants, especially the developing brains.

Studies on the effect of kolanut isolates on the developing brain of rats: Electron microscopic structure of the blood brain barrier