Justine Bukenya


Dr. Justine Bukenya is a Public Health Specialist, lecturing at Makerere University School of Public health since 2011 and coordinating family and reproductive health, maternal and child health as well as adolescent health courses. Justine has broad experience in Research, Designing and Monitoring and Evaluation of public health programs that was acquired through her strong involvement in various projects. She has vast experience in management of districts and lower facilities where she worked for seven years as a Deputy District Director of Health services. Justine is also a keen researcher and has authored different publications in peer reviewed medical journals and made numerous presentations at International Symposia. She is a reviewer for AIDS CARE Journal, and BMC International Health and Human Rights journal. Prior to joining Makerere University, Justine worked as Research Coordinator for Good Health for Women Project-Medical Research Council /Uganda Virus Research Institute (MRC/UVRI). She established a cohort of women at high risk of acquiring and transmitting STIs to general population and set up clinic offering medical care from 2007-2011

Public Health