Kirsty Van Stormbroek


Kirsty started her clinical career as an occupational therapist in 2006 in a rural region of South Africa. Following this (with a few other clinical positions squeezed in between) she joined the team at the Martin Singer Hand Unit at Groote Schuur Hospital – where developing competence in hand rehabilitation was hurried along by the busiest out-patient clinic in the hospital. Hand conditions often presented as just symptoms of far greater social problems and inequalities. Through this she came to appreciate the unique contribution that occupational therapy can make to the lives of individuals and communities. The above-mentioned clinical experiences became the subject for her Master’s dissertation that sought to determine the extent to which novice therapists in South Africa are equipped to treat clients with hand injuries and conditions. This project was completed while working as a Clinical Educator at the University of Cape Town. On completion of this project, she accepted a position as Lecturer at the University of the Witwatersrand Occupational Therapy Department where she currently serves. Beyond her interest in hand rehabilitation specifically, her areas of interest include physical rehabilitation, occupation-centred practice, and health service development in rural and remote areas.

Improving access to quality hand injury-care services in the public service.