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Our Partners

In addition to providing mentorship to CARTA fellows and reviewing their doctoral research, faculty from the Non-African Partners are invited to co-supervise the PhD fellows, alongside their African supervisors.

The CARTA secretariat at the University of Gothenburg annually shares the research ideas by CARTA fellows with these partners. Those who are interested to co-supervise will be connected to institution where fellow is registered to formalise the engagement. This co-supervision will be on a voluntary basis and will be done virtually/online.


Non-African partner institutions provide expertise to CARTA fellows and supervisors in a variety of areas, including specialist forms of data analysis, and opinions about draft chapters or areas of discussion. CARTA fellows are encouraged to discuss these options with their supervisors and apply for an external advisor, should the supervisor consider an external viewpoint to be helpful.External advice at key stages for the Fellowship is regarded as independent, objective and essential in providing confidence that standards and quality of a thesis are appropriate. An external advisor is not a supervisor, and all requests and communication with an advisor should be made with the full support and knowledge of a fellow’s supervisor.

The benefit to the co-supervisor is they will be able to co-publish with the fellow and the principal supervisor who must come from the institution the fellow is registered in.Each African partner university have their rules on engaging supervisors, some of these institutions have supervision contracts. The CARTA secretariat in Nairobi will help interested co-supervisors from the northern partners towards formalising the relationship.