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CARTA instilling leadership

CARTA is proud to have had one of its graduates, Samuel Mwaniki (cohort 8 graduate, University of Nairobi) in the second cohort of the prestigious Kofi Annan Global Health Leadership Program. The fellowship supports aspirational public health leaders from Africa in acquiring advanced skills and competencies to strategize, manage, and lead public health programs that will transform public health in Africa. Hosted by Africa CDC and the Kofi Annan Foundation, the fellowship was launched in 2017 with the first cohort of 20 fellows from 14 countries.

Samuel joined the second cohort with 20 fellows from 17 different African countries in 2022 and graduated on May 12, 2023, at the African Union 20 headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. His fellowship reflects not only his personal growth but also demonstrates how CARTA’s engagement goes beyond academia, guiding fellows toward impactful opportunities.

CARTA’s influence on Samuel’s journey was multifaceted. Through the CARTA monthly newsletter, he discovered the fellowship opportunity and drew upon the writing skills honed through ESE:O and continuous engagement within CARTA to craft a compelling application. His CARTA association served as a convincing point during the interview; showcasing his aptitude for securing funds and fostering his confidence to pursue the fellowship. Moreover, the leadership and implementation skills he acquired during his PhD journey primed him for the one-year leadership program.

CARTA’s flexibility, demonstrated by the leave of absence from JAS 4, provided him the opportunity to attend the residential training of the fellowship in Addis Ababa. Further, the program accommodated his absence from the fourth and final seminar with his cohort mates by ensuring he participated in cohort 10’s JAS 4, which took place from July 3 – August 18, 2023, at Makerere University.

Contributions from CARTA peers, mentors, and the program itself were complemented by Samuel’s workplace, family, and supervisor’s support. This network of support underscores the favorable environment required for individual growth and achievement. Samuel’s journey resonates with his institution as he now assumes leadership roles, leads committees, and is entrusted with writing important reports and speeches. His acquired problem-solving and leadership acumen fostered through CARTA, have empowered him to navigate diverse challenges and collaborate effectively with colleagues.

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